Fish Cat Scout Frameless Raft
Fish Cat Scout Frameless Raft

Fish Cat Scout Frameless Raft

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The do-everything Fish Cat Scout personal fishing watercraft by Outcast is the solo angler's dream. The unique design combines the best features of a float-tube and a pontoon boat to create a fishing craft that will allow you to navigate into spots you never thought possible. With a frameless design, and weighing in at a mere 35 lbs., it is incredibly easy to carry and is light enough to check onto a plane. It can be maneuvered using kick-fins for moving silently, or with oars in heavier water. Fish it while sitting or use the open floor to stand in shallow water when you get to that perfect honey hole. Constructed from a tough and durable PVC outer and durable vinyl bladders, so you don't need to worry about bumping up against rocks. A kayak-style seat provides comfort and plenty of storage room behind the angler. Imported.

The frameless design offers ultimate portability and simple, no-hassle set-up. It’s stable in moving water and features a low profile for still water. Weighs just 35 lbs.  The 2017 Fish Cat Scout features the integrated gear system for adding pockets and rod holders.

  • Personal fishing watercraft combines pontoon and float-tube styles for ultimate maneuverability
  • Lightweight, frameless design makes transport a breeze
  • Design allows you to fish sitting comfortably from the kayak-style seat, or standing in shallow water
  • Durable PVC outer and vinyl bladders stand up to rough territory
  • Stow your gear behind the seat for easy access
  • 35 lbs., 7' x 55”